SCUBA diving in Cyprus

Cyprus is a beautiful Mediterranean island, boasting summer temperatures nearly all year round. The average summer temperature is a scorching 33.6C and even in the middle of winter you're not likely to experience temperatures lower than 16C. In fact it's quite common to find people enjoying a winter's swim! Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and an ideal starting point if you are planning to extend your journey to places like the Greek Islands, Egypt and the Middle East. You'll find leaving Cyprus extremely difficult however, and it's quite possible you'll never want to come home at all.

Cyprus's resorts are all completely different and so offer the tourist a contrast of atmospheres to experience. Experience part of Cyprus's ancient culture in Larnaca, the coastal resort built on the historic city of Kition. Aiya Napa is not the small fishing village it used to be, but is now one of the most popular clubbing destinations in the world. You'll always find somewhere to let off steam in Aiya Napa, whether it's dawn or dusk. Paphos, the old capital of Cyprus, is packed with hotels, apartments, restaurants, and bars all along the harbour. You'll find resorts in Turkish Cyprus are slightly less well developed, although facilities are still of a high standard and the locals friendly. Kyrenia has become a popular location as it offers something for everyone.

Cyprus SCUBA Diving

Cyprus is one of the most popular places in the world to go SCUBA diving. Most dive sites are only a few minutes boat journey and there are a number of shore dives available. Some of the marine life you're likely to encounter on your dive include: barracuda, octopus, tuna, moray eels, wrasse, jacks, grouper, rays, parrotfish, sea urchins, and starfish. The crystal clear waters offer over thirty metres of visibility, so you'll have a good chance of spotting some of them too! From the sea caves, to the famous Zenobia wreck site, Cyprus is full of diving centres suitable for beginners and the more advanced divers alike. You'll be spoilt for choice and the healthy competition can only serve to lower prices.

Cyprus offers a wide range of potential accommodation, whether you're travelling on your own, as a couple, or whether you've had to drag the kids along too. From luxury villas, to cosy apartments by the beach, you're needs are almost always catered for. Flights are cheap and easy to get hold of . Charter and scheduled flights from a variety of major airlines fly direct to Larnaca and Pathos. Flights to Ercan are via Turkey as no international airlines service the region, although a large number of these flights only stop in Turkey briefly so passengers don't even need to get off the plane.

Flights to Cyprus

Flying to Cyprus from the UK is much easier than it used to be, with the vast majority of flights now being direct. Cyprus is a divided nation with two international airports. Once on one side of the country, it's very difficult to get to the other, so make your decisions carefully. The vast majority of holidaymakers go to the Greek side, which means flying in to Paphos International. One of the cheapest ways to get to Cyprus is via a charter flight, which can offer considerable savings over a standard commerial fare. Charter flights also often depart from small provincial airports with poor transport links.

Cyprus Flights

A direct flight to Cyprus will generally take around 4 - 5 hours. Scheduled flights will cost anywhere between £200 and £1000 depending on season and airline, so it's well worth shopping around.