Grand Cayman

SCUBA diving on Grand Cayman

The Cayman Islands are world famous as a SCUBA Diving destination. As well as their beautiful beaches and weather, they boast close proximity the Cayman Wall and the Cayman Trench, which extend into the coral reefs of the Caribbean.

Grand Cayman SCUBA diving

There are four popular areas for SCUBA diving on Grand Cayman. These are: the North Wall, the South Side, the East End and Seven Mile Beach. There are very strong prevailing south-east winds on Grand Cayman, which means it is very rare for any diving to take place on the South Side dive sites.

There are plenty of dive companies in and around the Cayman Islands. Some, such as those listed above, will allow you to book in advance over the internet. Many however, simply take bookings on site.

Flights to Grand Cayman

When flying to Grand Cayman, you will generally arrive in the capital city, which is called Georgetown. The Cayman Islands are a British territory, and the long standing links are an advantage to the savvy British tourist. Although flights are available from other international airports, it is advisable to fly from London as this will secure you the best price in most cases.

Grand Cayman Flights

Flight time to Grand Cayman is around 15 - 20hrs, including a connection. Direct flights are not available. Most changes are in Miami, and it's worth considering a stopover if you would like to break up your journey and perhaps experience a little of American culture.

Common airlines involved in getting you from blighty to the sunny Grand Cayman are Virgin Atlantic, Cayman Airways and American Airlines. For a scheduled flight, expect to pay between £300 - £500. Remember that booking online is usually much cheaper, and it's worth investigating package holidays and charter flights for maximum value.