Scuba Diving Information

SCUBA diving is a fascinating and exiting sport, with a strong amateur and professional following throughout the world. If you are investigating SCUBA diving as a recreational or holiday activity, try exploring our site for a short but comprehensive introduction.

SCUBA Diving in the Red Sea SCUBA Diving in the Red Sea, Egypt Information has been made available on the most common aspects of SCUBA diving. Please feel free to read and use our material as you wish.

SCUBA Diving will appeal to anyone with a spark of adventure, a love of nature, or even simply the desire to be away from it all, weightless and free. The beauty of SCUBA Diving is anyone can do it! Children from 15 can become an Open Water Diver, and there is a Junior Open Water Diver certification available for younger children too. Diving alone can be the perfect way to relax, while diving with the family can be a rewarding and fun activity. It's rare for anything health related to stop you SCUBA Diving but if in doubt, check it out.

SCUBA Diving is about much more than swimming aimlessly around staring at plants and fish. Reacreational is undoubtedly the most common SCUBA Diving group however, and with so much ocean out there to explore, it's not surprising really. From exploring ancient ship wrecks, to photographing walls of iridescent plankton resting on the vibrant coral, no dive will ever be the same as another.

For a lot of people SCUBA Diving is a dream job, and the opportunities are endless. Available jobs include: Dive Master, Instructor, Instructor Trainer, Examiner, Dive Centre Personnel, Dive Boat Driver, photographers and cinematographers; not to mention the sales and marketing side of things! A Commercial Diver leads a busy life: building underwater structures and oil platforms, salvaging, conducting scientific and engineering inspections, to name a few. Scientific Divers usually work alongside Marine Biologists researching marine life and the ocean in general. In addition, the Army and Navy will be interested in divers, for ship repair, construction, explosives ordinance disposal and combatant divers (the James Bond stuff).